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Here are some notes and photos send in by happy cats and their humans who have had a good time with Big Poon's Very Best Catnip! If you would like to send a story about how happy Big Poon's Very Best Catnip has made your kitty, please do so. Photos are welcome also. Please send your mail to and be sure to state clearly in the title that it is a note or photo for Big Poon.

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Dear Big Poon

I received your package yesterday while I was on my cell phone, so placed it on my desk with my other mail and continued talking. Both of my cats immediately jumped on my desk (don't often do that), and knocked the package to the floor. In seconds they tore through the padded shipping bag and into the 'stash". I guess they are enjoying your catnip!

Many thanks!!
Wanda, Simcah and Bentley

Hi Big Poon! love your site and what your doing for all us "been there" kitties. I'm sooo jealous about your wonderful position as catnip tester!
~ paco


Hello, Big Poon! can't wait til spring for the harvest, "as I'm sure you can't wait" Think it's great  what your doing for all the cats who  need a home, between you and me  my brother and I were homeless at one time too, so thanks again for all u do
~ Tiffy

(big handsome feline)

TIFFY&his famous... (look)hey zoolander had his!

Dear Big Poon's-

We would love to try some of your catnip. Our mom gave us twenty dollars, could you send us each a bag of catnip ( that would be four ), and give the rest of the money to the cats at the Iowa County Humane Society, they need it more than we do. You can send our catnip to our mom at the address listed below. Thanks!

Morty, Nash, Shadow and Miss Kitty

Dear Big Poon-

   We had a great time with the catnip last time - you have a good nose for nip! The holidays are quickly approaching and we were wondering if you could send us 7 bags of your catnip, some for ourselves adn some for out kitty friends. Mom gave us $50 this time and once again please give the extra to the cats at the Iowa Humane Society, and tell them to try to have a good holiday. We'll keep them in our thoughts. Also a warm holiday greeting to yourself and Sirius!

Your Friends-
Morty, Nash, Shadow and Miss Kitty

Why is his name Big Poon, take a look for yourself!

Dear Big Poon and Big Poon's Humans:

The catnip arrived today and immediately, the gang tore into it. Actually, Willard stole the bag it came in, knocking it to the floor and began to attempt to break into the package...he had a little help...actually 5 or 6 of his gang members were close by offering guidance.....alas they do whatever they want in this house and just let us crazy humans occupy a bit of the space.

Anyway, the stuff is truly wonderful - I've bought the catnip herb before and grown it - but it was nothing like this. Thanks so much....I'll be ordering again in the spring.....I can see why it is so popular....

Your friends,
  Darla the Human and
   Dirty Harry
     Mellow Yellow
      Big Yellow
     Bunny Rabbit

Why is his name Big Poon, take a look for yourself!

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